Road Trip To Huble Homestead

Some  flat scouts from Cat Scouts came to visit us and dudes  we had a houseful.  They were the perfect guests.  Not one of them threw kitty litter around the bathroom.  No one hacked up a furball either.  Mom was impressed.  We had Fing Feiko/King Meiko’s alter ego from Texas, Tristy from California from the blog Christie Paws, Izzy from Oklahoma from the blog Dezi World.  Our last visitor is Fete/Pete’s alter ego from Tennessee.

I made sure that all the flats went to the kitty litter and had some noms and water before getting in the car for their road trip.  Mom and dad rounded up the flats and placed them in the back seat together.  Not one of the flats sang out in protest but they were meowing to each other in excited voices.  Kali and I waved to the flats as they left.

The Huble Homestead is only 40 km ( 25  miles) north of Prince George but you are in total wilderness as soon as you pass the city limits.

I am Foko.  I am Shoko’s flat scout.  I will be the guide for our visit.  We all sat back and enjoyed the fresh air and before we knew it, we were at the Huble Homestead.                                                                  This Homestead consisted of a general store, blacksmith shop, stable,a couple of log houses and the old homestead itself.  Huble Homestead was built along the Fraser River for easy transportation by paddle wheel.  Travel by land was far too difficult as there were only trails to follow with pack horses and all the supplies needed for a long journey from the  Vancouver area.

DSCN3912Some wise words from our host and we were on our way.

We all had to show off the old fashioned loom and have a rest.  Your wondering where Fete alias Pete went as he’s not in the photo?  Fete was overly interested in the chick-hens.  He muttered something about his sister and chick-hens.

There’s Fete!  The chick-hen didn’t seem particularly interested in him but Fete was happy.

We didn’t get very far and Fete fell in a hole.  We all had to gather around and see if he was ok.  He was fine just gawking around too much.  We all had a good meow and then ran on to catch up with mom and dad.

                                                             Here is Fing Feiko (left), Foko, Tristy, Izzy and Pete in the squirrel hole.

This is an old fashioned press that was used for flattening beaver pelts for easy storage. 

DSCN3928We took a look through a very old stable.  Tristy was mesmerized with the old, old horse shoes.

We all had a short nap in the hay and were very refreshed afterward.

                                                               Mom and dad watched as a man made ice cream.  Looked delicious or so mom said.  Dad said it was too runny and likes the ice cream in the grocery store better.

This is the lady clerk from the General Store in proper attire for the time.  She was nice and let mom take pictures of Tristy and Izzy with Polar Cleats.

DSCN3953                    DSCN3952Mom had a pair of Polar cleats as did dad but they were pretty hard to fit over one’s boots or runners and then you must take them off each time you come in or you’ll have cleat holes in your floor.  Guess how mom found out!

The next stop on our outing was a small cabin that was actually the Blacksmith’s cabin. 


Now this is really working from home.

This is the actual Huble House.  These folks must have been well off because even the house is whitewashed and they had a kitchen not just a wood stove.  The kitchen is separate from the house and there is a doorway that leads right to the table.

Notice the door to the kitchen behind the table.

We sat on the cold wood stove in the office of the homestead for our picture.

Talk about narrow staircases…whew…you can’t afford to be fat in the old days.                                                                

The last place we saw on our way out of the homestead area was the place where the meat was kept to keep it away from wild animals such as bears.

A pleasant way to spend the afternoon.  We all jumped in the car and headed for Prince George.  Before long we were at the outskirts.                                                                      There you are a little slice of history from northern British Columbia.




37 thoughts on “Road Trip To Huble Homestead

  1. easyweimaraner

    that’s a wonderful house, I would like to live there… what a super trip, I bet your guests will always remember that day! imagine we had had such a bear warning sign here …. I don’t know what our european couch pawtato fellow citizens would do…. bet we had the next revolution ….


  2. PigLove

    Squeals! What a terrific field trip for ya’ll. I felt like I was there myself with the pictures and descriptions. Did you see any bears? OMP! I would have passed out right there and then my friends. Glad ya’ll made it safely back home. XOXO – Bacon


  3. Fozziemum

    What a fab flat out trip sweeties 🙂 goodness me i love the old house and all the bits and bobs inside..but you really all must be pooped now.. bears my…i would love to see a bear…from a safe distance hahahahah:) afe travels onwards sweeties..loves Fozziemum xx


  4. Christy Paws

    Looks like my flat, Tristy, is having a great time! Thanks for sharing this history with us. I wonder if Tristy was mesmerized by the shoes because mom’s horse, Dancer, doesn’t wear any.


  5. onespoiledcat

    Oh Shoko what a wonderful time you showed your flat guests! Imagine all the stories they will tell when they get back home. You sure are having a blast – ALL of you……..Love the looks of the place you visited – my Dad’s a history nut and he’d really enjoy seeing everything you saw.

    Hugs, Sammy


    1. The Canadian Cats Post author

      Oh Sammy it was so much fun. Mom did fix the meat storage bin…she thought the picture was in the post but of course, it was not.
      I do have a few more pictures that I didn’t include like the homestead kitchen off the back door of the house. Does your dad want me to send them?



  6. lexitheschnauzer

    It seems flat kitties like to travel better than fluffy kitties, don’t they? Mom and I were very interested in all the historical places you visited. It looked like a ton of fun. Glad everyone had a good time of it.


  7. catfromhell

    What a great place! We never saw that when we were in Prince George! Now me wants to goes back!!!
    Thanks for the tour and mes sure the Fllats would like that!


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